PF: a library for fast particle filtering!

This is a static library for fast particle filtering. Abstract base classes for different particle filters are provided (e.g. the Bootstrap Filter, the Auxiliary Particle Filter, Rao-Blackwellized particle filter, etc.), as well as non-abstract base classes for closed form filtering algorithms (e.g. Kalman Filter, Hidden Markov Model filter, etc.). Most (all?) of these classes are templated for speed. Once you have a certain model in mind, make it into a class and inherit from an appropriate particle filter.


Build this yourself using (possibly editing the variable EIGEN). When you use it in another project, make sure to compile with C++11 enabled (-std=c++11), and to include the include directory of this project. Note, also, that this code all makes use of the Eigen library.


Don't know how to use this? Check out the examples directory! After you have built libpf.a, edit pf/examples/Makefile and then run make. After that, run ./examples ./data/svol_y_data.csv and you'll see the filtering output from examples/svol_comparison.cpp.